Trump Celebrates Historic Achievement

Trump Celebrates Historic Achievement

You know, when Steve Bannon Donald Trump was elected, he told us we were going to do so well under the new administration that we would all eventually “get tired of winning.”

Now when he said that, it wasn’t immediately clear if he also meant that he himself would eventually get “tired of winning,” but I hope, for Trump’s sake, that the slogan self-applied. Because according to a new NBC/WSJ poll, Trump has the dubious distinction of being “the first president of the post-World War II era with a net negative approval rating in his first gauge of public opinion.”

Here’s more:

The poll found that 44% of Americans approve of Mr. Trump’s job performance, while 48% disapprove.

New presidents traditionally have enjoyed a postelection honeymoon with Americans. It took Barack Obama 32 months in office before his approval fell enough to match Mr. Trump’s current net rating of negative four. It was 41 months before George W. Bush’s dropped that far.

And before anyone starts with the “it’s a dishonest poll” bullsh*t, note that WSJ is hardly a bastion of liberalism.

So congratulations to Donald Trump on not one but two fronts:

  1. if he was indeed “tired of winning,” then he can now take a break from it because he just took a historic loss
  2. he has indeed accomplished something that it took Obama and Bush 32 and 41 months to achieve, respectively


Oh, and meanwhile, Trump is moving right along with that promise to help out everyday Americans … by costing taxpayers nearly as much in a month for travel as Obama cost in a year.




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