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Obama National Security Advisor Calls Trump “Stone Cold Crazy,” Decries Role For “Nazi” Bannon

"This is stone cold crazy. After a week of crazy."

This just keeps getting better.

Remember earlier how I noted that Steve Bannon is rapidly seizing power in the Trump administration?

Well, I was referring to Trump’s decision to give Bannon a seat at the table on the National Security Council, where the roles played by the director of national intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have been curtailed. As BBC notes:

Mr Bannon, formerly the head of the populist right-wing, Breitbart News website, will join high-level discussions about national security.

The order was signed on Saturday.

The director of national intelligence and the joint chiefs will attend when discussions pertain to their areas.

Under previous administrations, the director and joint chiefs attended all meetings of the NSC’s inner circle, the principals’ committee.

Now, Obama’s National Security Advisor has called Trump “stone cold crazy” while simultaneously retweeting a tweet that branded Bannon a “Nazi.”

I just want to reiterate here that I’m not being hyperbolic. The idea of giving Steve Bannon this much sway is batsh*t crazy. You can read a bit about Steve here in the single most read article in this site’s brief history.


I strongly encourage you to look further into Bannon’s background if you haven’t already.

This is precisely what I meant when I said that it’s not necessarily Trump who’s dangerous – it’s the people who, thanks to his campaign, now understand how easy it is to dupe the American people.


2 comments on “Obama National Security Advisor Calls Trump “Stone Cold Crazy,” Decries Role For “Nazi” Bannon

  1. Sorry, Heisenberg, but this is one of the worst appeals to authority ever. Susan Rice who lied about the Benghazi video and continued to lie about it for a week after it was known to be a trumped up (heh) excuse for what happened at the consulate! I’m not saying that I am pleased to see Steve Bannon on the National Security Council, but, really, consider the source.

  2. Curt Tyner

    As usual the POINT is missed.This is about BANNON, Susan Rice is not I repeat not the point. The man is asking YOU to READ up on BANNON. I would suggest this as well because I think he is BATSH*T crazy!! Shake your head folks this getting really serious.

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