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Populism At Work: Sovereign Risk Rises In France

The market will render its own judgement...

Once again, you can argue for populism and nationalism if you like, but the market will render its own judgement and it’s likely to be “guilty as charged.”

Here’s Marine Le Pen pantomiming the spread between French and German yields…


Via Bloomberg

France’s government bonds are starting to lose their cachet as some of the safest in the euro area, with National Front leader Marine Le Pen ahead in a poll on the first round of France’s presidential election.

  • The yield on 10-year French securities is the highest relative to Spanish debt since April 2010 
    • Spread between French and German yields near the widest level in more than two years




1 comment on “Populism At Work: Sovereign Risk Rises In France

  1. Curt Tyner says:

    Here we go folks, the socialists are in a better position than most people think. Capitalists have been taken over by “capitals”, those pillars of society who use our political system like their own personal banks. It’s easy when you have dupes willing to “sell” our country for a few crumbs. Always “privatize the profits and make the losses public”, Bailouts are always good for the bottom line…… only for some. China and a moving toward socialistic Europe are laughing at how we have screwed this thing up. If we stop printing $$$$ now the house of cards come tumbling down. So hold on as Trump without a doubt will make it worse, he already has.

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