Big Trouble In Little China

Big Trouble In Little China

  Given that today is Donald Trump's coronation, it's somewhat ironic that we begin in China, where the Politburo was kind enough to tell us what they want us to think GDP is. I'll just skip the niceties and get right to the data since there's a lot to cover this morning. Full breakdown from Blooomberg: National Bureau of Statistics reports 4Q GDP growth of 6.8%; median est. 6.7% y/y (range 6.5%-7.1%, 44 economists). China’s economy grew 6.7% Y/y in 2016; est. 6.7% (range 6.6%-6.8%, 2
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One thought on “Big Trouble In Little China

  1. “Don’t worry all is well”, as the young Kevin Bacon is run over by the hoard in the epic Animal House ending. The status quo is right in the path of ????? The big boys are waiting to Dump Trump if needed and plant the rubber stamp of Pence at their disposal. DON’T WORRY ALL IS WELL>

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