Mexico To Buy Twitter?

Mexico To Buy Twitter?

This is one of those stories that's so funny you can't not comment on it and since I've got some incremental color to add, I thought I'd weigh in. It's no secret that Donald Trump has a penchant for taking direct and indirect jabs at Mexico via his Twitter account. Bloomberg was kind enough to create an annotated graph of the peso documenting notable tweets: (Chart: Bloomberg) As discussed earlier this week, the peso has been in freefall since the election as traders struggle to determine w
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2 thoughts on “Mexico To Buy Twitter?

  1. ““We wouldn’t have to worry about Donald Trump if were a stable economy,” said Iván Rosales, a protester and trucking company employee.”” That’s true – at least not as much.

    Don’t get the British Pound vs Peso vs Dollar idea, though. The comparison would make more sense if Trump was elected President of Mexico.

  2. There could be a bidding war for Twitter – between Mexico, the Dems, and companies sick and tired of having their stocks manipulated by Trump – and by Trump himself. Trump would be forced to bid and win the Twitter acquisition and then of course to build a “not a fence, its a wall” around it to maintain his Twit leverage addiction. Clearly the SEC nor the DOJ are going take their responsibilities seriously.

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