Two Thirds Of Americans Say Trump Should Stop Tweeting – For Good

Two Thirds Of Americans Say Trump Should Stop Tweeting – For Good

If I still spent my evenings in the company of various and sundry fine spirits, I imagine I wouldn't find Donald Trump's Twitter feed so deplorable. Alcohol is great at making otherwise insufferable people (so, most people) not only sufferable, but exceedingly entertaining. Thus I imagine that with the help of say, five or six neat bourbons, I could find some pleasure in reading the real-time Mad Libs of a raving megalomaniac who just happens to be the President-elect of the United States. As
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4 thoughts on “Two Thirds Of Americans Say Trump Should Stop Tweeting – For Good

    1. I think you have a problem with the 1st amendment, it pretty much allows anyone to express their opinion. Or is free speech just for conservatives with a bug up their a**. Just a thought Mr or Mrs or Ms Anonymous.

  1. So, I’m watching a re-run of Bones tonight. It’s episode 238, called “The tiger in the tale.” and was made in 2012. Bones is thinking she is capable of running for President. Booth isn’t encouraging her. She says, “So you think I wouldn’t be a good President? You know Donald Trump is thinking about running.” As if absolutely no one could be worse for President. All the way back 2012 it was already clear to most that almost anyone would be a better President than Trump (already the but of President jokes in 2012). Well apparently the alt. right and the Russians. Maybe 2020 will produce better candidates than Trump or Clinton now that we have a four party system – the alt. right, Russia, the backward looking Repubs, and the arrogant, but lame Dems. Who knows maybe Putin will run.

  2. Wow, then I watched the 11 o’clock news and I see that the four top US intelligence agencies have uncovered evidence that Trump has been compromised (read black mailed by Russian Intelligence) essentially making him either a Russian agent or a Russian puppet if inaugurated – or both. Maybe that’s why Trump has put all of his family into White House positions so they would be safer from the Russians. (

    You are left with several possible poor explanations:
    1. We have some seriously pissed off intelligence agencies that are risking what’s left of their credibility by accusing a US president-elect of being a Russian operative – which is a non-survivable position if you are making shit up, or if you are just wrong. Of course under Trump, they were gone anyway when he put together his own Gestapo. So, is this is another opportunity for the use of preemptive strikes by the intelligence agencies, or something real.
    2. Our overall government (who apparently has known about this since August if not before) and doesn’t have the competence do make the embarrassing announcement that our wonderful “democratic” political system just elected a Republican/Russian agent to the US Presidency at a cost of 2+ Billion to the US tax payers – and frankly since August have been in a vacillating dither of what to do about it. Maybe tell the public that “Oops! “We screwed up and a Russian agent has made it all the way to President elect.” Hell of a intelligence service and Presidential vetting process and responsible leadership there boys. Way to go – not.
    3. None of this really matters because the Russians have done the damage and are laughing their asses off at our governments gross incompetence and embarrassment. Which could also mean that we flunked the Russian’s test as to whether we might defend ourselves from foreign aggression – on several levels. In which case it might be time to reinforce your basement with lots of concrete and stock it for a long winter.
    4. The real ‘powers that be’ in the US have make the decision that Trump is too much of a loose cannon, too far right, too mentally unstable as per his constant and provable self contradictions and denials, and just not bright enough to walk and chew gum as a US President. They learned their lesson with their Bush sock puppet. If this is the case, we are likely to hear that poor Donald was the victim of Russian espionage and has been too compromised for office. He will either step down or be taken in protective custody and quietly disappear in the the US voters 15 minute attention span. Exactly who replaces him becomes the next big question?

    In any case this isn’t going away. You don’t call the President elect a Russian operative and just walk away. Lives and careers are at stake now on a number of fronts. Trump wanted to be more than a second rate reality TV personality, now he has made the big time in really real reality TV. God might save the Queen, but Mr. Trump is Russian toast. Another load of concrete please.

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