Most Russians Regret The Fall Of The Soviet Union: Study

Most Russians Regret The Fall Of The Soviet Union: Study

Ok, I admit it: I'm not big on totalitarian regimes and autocrat rulers. I'm a political scientist after all. Sure, it's fun to make memes about autocrats like Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan, but those memes are funny precisely because they are to some extent based in a cruel, despotic reality. What I find particularly disturbing is the extent to which some of these regimes are being held up as models for what the West should aspire to by commentators with questionable motives. T
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2 thoughts on “Most Russians Regret The Fall Of The Soviet Union: Study

  1. So, of the 56% (down from the original 66% and definitely down from peak) that do regret the collapse of the U.S.S.R., half (less than a third of those surveyed) are unhappy because of a destruction of a “single economic system”. One pictures millions of Russians sitting around discussing the loss of the “single economic system” as they sip Suffering Bastards. (BTW, great recipe…thanks for the tip Heise!)

    Geez…this says a great deal about polls, how questions are asked and how they are interpreted.
    Indeed, be careful what you ask as you may get it!

  2. H, as a political scientist you will be aware how long it takes to build a “democracy” The totalitarian states like Russia, Egypt, Libya , Iraq et al are all amateurs. Once the old state is broken it will take many decades for a new form of democracy to form. America , of course, cannot understand why their system is not joyously embraced by others, but want change themselves.

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