Syrian Girl Tweets “Last Message”, Claims Assad Staging “Genocide”

Syrian Girl Tweets “Last Message”, Claims Assad Staging “Genocide”

Oh look, here's one of those Syrian "bandits" (note the sarcasm) that are trapped in a 2km nightmarish dugout in east Aleppo. I suppose this is just another Western media "trick" to pin the blame on Russia and Assad when all they're trying to do is "liberate" the country. Or could it be that there's some truth to the accusations that women and children are being massacred so that Assad can restore his grip on power, Moscow can keep its airbase at Latakia and its naval base at Tartus, and Tehra
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3 thoughts on “Syrian Girl Tweets “Last Message”, Claims Assad Staging “Genocide”

    1. You know I think it’s important not to lose sight of the role Washington, Riyadh, and Ankara have played in creating this crisis by arming and funding Sunni extremists in Syria. That said, there’s nothing good coming out of Russia and Iran’s involvement here as they are almost certainly emboldening a brutal Assad regime that’s hell bent on revenge. Everyone shares the blame but at this juncture I think it’s ENTIRELY fair to judge that Russia and Iran are helping the regime carry out what amounts to genocide.

      1. Though I wish it were otherwise the lack of goodness, fairness or the need to judge (without significant impact) Russia, Iran and Syria will have no practical role in this kid’s fate. Likewise, those concepts have seemingly never demonstrated any relevance to/in those same countries. Unfortunately, at this juncture it is probably more important to determine what happened and why so as to try to prevent this type of calamity from repeating.

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