Trump Grabs Irony By The Pussy, Says FBI, DOJ Are ‘Sacred’ And Can’t Be Politicized

In stone, cold proof that irony is indeed dead, Donald Trump is up early on Friday tweeting about the FBI (as he’s prone to do).


On This, The Day Of His Daughter’s Wedding, A Stable Genius Would Like To Know If Rod Rosenstein Is ‘On His Team’

“As one does, when one’s own family is the subject of the goddamn investigation.”

WTF Is Wrong With All Of Trump’s Lawyers?!

“Like we said, it’s fucking dangerous!”

New Details Of Trump Obstruction Probe Revealed: Jeff Sessions Was Pressured To Avoid Recusing Himself

To be sure, Donald Trump did not need any more bad press on Thursday. But…

Meet Rachel Brand: Who Will Head The Trump-Russia Probe If Rosenstein Recuses

And so, with Rod Rosenstein having allegedly told the DoJ’s No. 3 that he may need to follow in Jeff Sessions’ footsteps by recusing himself from the Trump-Russia probe, the question is this: “just who is the DoJ’s No. 3”?

Bombshell: Rosenstein Said To Consider Recusing Himself From Trump-Russia Probe

“Rosenstein, who authored an extensive and publicly-released memorandum recommending Comey’s firing, raised the possibility of his recusal during a recent meeting with Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand, the Justice Department’s new third-in-command, according to sources.”