Jamie Dimon Thinks America Might Be A Mess, But Fortunately, He’s Got 47 Pages Of Solutions

This is why Jamie Dimon is “richer than you.”


Cities Upon Hills And Castles In The Sky.

Thank God it’s Friday.

Big Bank Earnings Breakdown: Full Summaries Of JPMorgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Results

Bank earnings are seen as the first real test for the Trump rally as investors are looking forward to what they hope will be higher margins and a more friendly regulatory regime.

Daily Kickstart (“I Had Some Bad Chinese”)

We’re gonna need a weaker yuan. Data out Friday showed China’s exports falling 6.1% y/y in dollar terms, well more than the 4% decline economists predicted. Imports rose 3.1%. The trade surplus for the month came in at $40.8 billion, lower than consensus ($47.6 billion). (Chart: Bloomberg) “External demand remains sluggish,” Wen Bin, a researcher…

Billionaire Jamie Dimon To Businesses: “Share The Wealth A Little Bit, Ok?!”

One person who benefited handsomely from the rally off the 2009 bottom is JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon. Recall that Dimon officially became a billionaire in 2015. As of June of that year, Dimon owned some 6.1 million shares of JPM, then valued at around $404 million based on a share price of $66.02. Those shares are now worth $86.70…