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Billionaire Jamie Dimon To Businesses: “Share The Wealth A Little Bit, Ok?!”

One person who benefited handsomely from the rally off the 2009 bottom is JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon. Recall that Dimon
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2 comments on “Billionaire Jamie Dimon To Businesses: “Share The Wealth A Little Bit, Ok?!”

  1. While clearly not all “businesses” are evil – we have a number whose greed and self-interest damage the total image of business and offset much of their potential abilities to do good. More amazing is the their general lack of even the most basic knowledge regarding the mass balance nature of business economics and the limitations imposed by the laws thermodynamics and the finite critical resources of the planet. Not understanding the limits of finite resources and that perpetual population growth, its respective market’s growth and consequently economic growth in general – are a physical and fiscal impossibility under current critical resource paradigms. Not preparing for reaching these finite limits in critical resources -particularly regarding energy and food production resources – will produce a spectacular end to the BAU that current business leaders (especially those of the Trump ilk) expect to be perpetual.

  2. David Marilley

    How much North of 80 is the average spiritual IQ of these billionaires?

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