“As Greedy As A Pig”: Investors Pull Most From Bank Funds In A Year

Somehow I doubt this will come as a surprise to anyone, but investors yanked the most money from bank sector funds in more than year over the last week, as the Fed’s “dovish” hike exacerbated fears that popular Trump trades may have run their course.


Here Are The “Single Most Important Questions” For America’s Banks

“‘There’s nobody better to tell me about Dodd-Frank than Jamie,’ Mr. Trump said, presumably meaning that there was nobody better to help him dismantle Dodd-Frank than Jamie.”

Daily Kickstart (Yen, Gold Fall; Inflation, IP Data, Goldman, Yellen All On Deck)

Traders put the brakes on the flight to safety bid on Wednesday as gold and the yen were lower for the first time in eight sessions. USDJPY options were the most active, comprising 27% of total volume – 115.00 calls went off for $250 million according to the DTCC. “With U.S. stocks rising, risk off sentiment…

Red Light, Green Light: Should We Deregulate The Banks For Our Own Safety?

One of the more amusing things about the dynamics that fed the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis was the extent to which banks found themselves caught in a kind of vicious, self-feeding loop involving debt issued by their sovereigns. The problem was that as the crisis worsened, banks became the only willing buyers of their sovereigns’…