Bubble Trouble.



A Truly Taxing Day.

Thursday, bloody Thursday.

‘Great Again’

Are we there yet?

‘You Know What? It’s Fine.’

There’s always tomorrow…

Highway To The Danger Zone: Full Week Ahead Preview

Good luck.

How To Trade The Fed’s Big Announcement And Why There Won’t Be A ‘Tantrum’

Given the well-choreographed and gradual adjustment, we expect that asset markets will avoid another ‘taper tantrum.'”

‘The Trump Premium Has Drained Out’ – Goldman Has A Trade For You

But for the enterprising among you, that probably means there’s some upside asymmetry here. Just know that if you take that trade, you’re effectively betting that Gary Cohn won’t ultimately leave the administration…

Dimon, Cohn, And Why KBW Says You ‘Can’t Ignore’ Impact Of Trump’s Meltdown

“The impact to President Donald Trump’s economic agenda, particularly tax reform, from controversy surrounding comments about protests in Charlottesville can’t be ignored.”

This Correlation Just Hit A Record High, But Goldman Says Don’t Worry About Financials

“Buybacks for the largest banks will soar by 45% this year.”

Tech Or Financials, Which Sector Will Outperform? Goldman Answers

“After many years of consistently high return correlation, the Financials and Information Technology sectors have posted significantly divergent performances twice during the past nine months.”

Wild Week In Charts: Risk Still Buoyant, Vol. Still Low, Trump Still In Focus

Full visual tour.

‘Something Tangible Better Happen Soon’: As Bank Stocks Tumble, Trump ‘Hope’ Meets Reality

“Right now you’re making money purely on multiple expansion related to policy and I suspect it may be a bridge too far.”

Goldman Previews Q2 Earnings Season

Look, here’s the thing: Goldman has got some shit on their chest they need to get off with regard to upcoming earnings results.

Financials ETF Suffered Third Largest Outflow Since Election On Friday

“Stressed” out?

Gold Flash Crashes, “Jubilant” Germans, And Bank Bailouts

Well, gold plunged $18 in seconds on surging volume (18k contracts in a one-minute window) for no apparent reason, falling from 1,253 to test 1,236, the 200-DMA at around 4 a.m. EST. That’s being chalked up to a “fat finger,” and the follow through for the dollar and yields was readily apparent, with Treasurys diving…