Dimon, Cohn, And Why KBW Says You ‘Can’t Ignore’ Impact Of Trump’s Meltdown

Dimon, Cohn, And Why KBW Says You ‘Can’t Ignore’ Impact Of Trump’s Meltdown

Well, bank stocks underperformed on Wednesday and that shouldn't come as a surprise. The financials are another "Trump trade" and while they're still clinging to some of their post-election outperformance relative to the broad market, days like today don't help. Here's a look a the relative performance of the KBW Bank index since the election: Again, it was "Trump bump" and then sideways, as the curve flattened and the administration's agenda hit roadblock after roadblock. Now have a look
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6 thoughts on “Dimon, Cohn, And Why KBW Says You ‘Can’t Ignore’ Impact Of Trump’s Meltdown

  1. But you have to wonder who’s more dangerous – is it Trump with his awful tendencies laid bare for the world to see or is it the slick Wall Street CEOs who pay lip service to equality but ensure the continuation of an inequality from which they benefit

  2. the violence started from all i have seen from the non pro white group, so jamie diamond is either misinformed or just trying to hard to get minority customers

    1. Why can’t anyone offering a counter argument to condemning violence against diversity spell? It’s “too hard” not “to hard”. This was taught in 1st grade.

      1. As a former English teacher Raskin, I often shudder when media employees incorrectly use personal pronouns. After all, they are in the business of communication. Many in the media use “I” after transitive verbs, or after prepositions for example. But alas, they will only get worse. Your correction of “to” versus “too” is one that would keep you busy every minute of every day just correcting bloggers.
        So, I have given up correcting others for my own peace of mind. LOL.

      2. RASKIN, also one of my pet peeves!! I’d like to tell ’em if your gonna use the words, please be sure you’re choices are the right ones and please get there favorites in their! Otherwise, just give ’em a peace of your mind!

        – Murphy

    2. So the people that were run over by the white supremacist, and the young woman who died, had it coming?

      If your chosen sources of news have only shown you footage to support the narrative that the nazis were the victims in all of this, you really need to reconsider your sources. Further, if the only people that agree with you are nazis, you might just be on the wrong side of the issue. Food for thought.

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