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Glass-Steagall 2.0? Analysts Weigh In

"Still, it’s a mistake for investors to dismiss the threat"...

On Monday, in what was probably meant to be a throw-away comment, Donald Trump suggested he's considering breaking up the big banks. For more than a few algos, that was a good reason to sell. And then a few minutes later, everyone realized that, to quote the New York Times' Binyamin Appelbaum‏:  When the president says he's thinking about something he means at that moment and not necessarily at any subsequent moment. It's like a play-by-play feed from the president's cockpit. "I am thinking about breaking up the banks." "Now I am thinking about lunch." Or, visually... Be that as it may, "Glass-Steagall" is back on every traders' radar (and probably back in the minds of a lot of lobbyists) on Tuesday. Below, find a quick rundown of analyst opinions on the subject. Via Bloomberg Chances are slim Congress would go for a revived Glass-Steagall Act, even though Donald Trump said he’s actively considering breaking up giant Wall Street banks, analysts say. Still, it’s a mistake for investors to dismiss the threat, KBW says. KBW Bank Index (BKX) falls as much as 0.4%, led by Citizens Financial, JPMorgan, BofA, People’s United, SVB Financial, SunTrust KBW (Brian Gardn
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