Labour Day

The polls weren't wrong. Not that anyone thought they were. But... well, again, they weren't wrong. Rishi Sunak and the Tories were wiped out on Thursday, when UK voters handed Conservatives their worst ever election loss. "Worst ever" is really -- really -- saying something in this context. The Tories aren't just the oldest political party in the UK. They have a solid claim on being the oldest political party anywhere. Depending on how you define "success," they're also the world's most succe

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7 thoughts on “Labour Day

  1. 14 years of your agenda destroying the country and, eventually, even the average voter will catch on…

    But I don’t know how Labour can really undo the vicious circle. No one middle class in the UK will be happy to pay taxes and, apparently, millionaires are already exiting London at high velocity…

    The 2 strengths I can think of – the higher educational system, with Oxbridge and the University of London various branches still world famous. And, biotech. I’m not super plugged into that part of tech but apparently the UK has an edge there.

    It’s slim to rebuild an industrial base for a 67M people country…

  2. Labour was elected with some pretty big/unrealistic expectations to fix the economy, inflation, energy costs, the NHS, immigration and military/defense- without raising taxes or having a specific plan.
    Good luck!

    1. Yeah, sneer as you will. I know it stings. You’re a conservative. Even though you’re in the US, you can’t help but feel a little residual nausea at the prospect of your ideological brethren getting buried under an epic, once-in-200-years landslide. You’ll get over it, though.
      Good luck!

      1. I hate to be abrasive, but come on. How much are UK voters supposed to take? It’s been 14 years. This idea, cultivated in America and in the UK since Reagan/Thatcher, that no matter how suboptimal the outcomes, we should all just blindly vote conservative because anything liberal/socialist is a one-way ticket to hell is pernicious. Particularly considering that some of (most of, even) the most popular US government programs are socialist, even if we don’t call them that.

        1. And the Mayflower Compact, signed at Plymouth Rock by some of our earliest colonists was a promise to share our worldly goods, our food and shelter, for the benefit of the entire community was decidedly very Christian and certainly socialist (even if they/we wouldn’t have called it that). We must remember that whether we admit it or not Jesus was a pacifist and a socialist. Loaves and fishes, folks, loaves and fishes and turn the other cheek.

      2. I am skeptical- but I am certainly no fan of the Tories, either. The Tories had more than enough time to fix these problems, which unbelievably got worse under their leadership.

        I love England- and sincerely hope that my skepticism is proven wrong.

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