Is The Treasury Oversupply Panic Over?

While editorializing around what counted as the largest two-session selloff for benchmark US Treasurys since June of 2022 (i.e., since the Fed upsized rate hikes to 75bps), I suggested that some of the Friday-Monday cheapening might've been an early concession ahead of this week's supply events. Although a blowout jobs report, a re-acceleration in ISM services and additional Fed pushback against market speculation for imminent rate cuts was the proximate cause of the mini-rout, it was difficult

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One thought on “Is The Treasury Oversupply Panic Over?

  1. Kaplan (ex-FED) said on CNBC this afternoon: “Treasury needs to sell $9 trillion in bonds in 2024”. I hope Ur buyin at least a trillion Mr H :).

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