Abu Bakr Al-Saadi, Signing Off!

Abu Bakr Al-Saadi's done. On Wednesday evening, the Kataib Hezbollah underboss was tooling around Baghdad in an SUV when... well, you know the rest. Images of the vehicle's charred remains, as well as fiery footage from the scene, circulated widely on social media. Shortly thereafter, US Central Command said American forces carried out a "unilateral strike" in the city. Although the US didn't name Al-Saadi, sources close to the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, the Quds-allied confederation of PM

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5 thoughts on “Abu Bakr Al-Saadi, Signing Off!

  1. I mean, this almost isn’t even fair. Yes, Kim Jung-sun, yes, you mullahs in Tehran, yes, even you, Vladdy of the reconstituted Russian empire, we’re letting you play in the sandbox. But it’s our sandbox, and when we finally get tired of your childish and anti-Western (i.e., not monoply capitalistic) antics, you will no longer be allowed to play in that sandbox.

      1. No, I don’t. You’re right — it’s more complicated than that. Though when U.S. elites start posturing about the need to “defend our way of life,” they are talking, in a general way, about the promotion of democratic capitalism — by whatever means necessary.

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