Until Something Breaks

Last week, during an interview with The Times of India, Jamie Dimon characterized 7% Fed funds as a worst-case scenario. Just days later, he suggested 7% is more baseline than worst-case. In fact, he was definitive about it. Asked if rates are going to 7%, he said "Yes." Just kidding! Hope you're not an algo programmed to trade on Bloomberg red heds. DIMON: WHEN ASKED IF INTEREST RATES GO TO 7%, THE ANSWER IS YES So declared one among a deluge of all-caps headlines blasted out to hundreds of

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2 thoughts on “Until Something Breaks

  1. It seems the burn it down mentality of the MAGA cohort has spread to the fed. Blue collar workers can’t tolerate higher rates. I’m probably guilty of oversimplifying things, but I think blue collar can handle inflation better then rates. A dreaded wage increase spiral might actually expand the middle class, and make work pay again for the segment left behind by years of offshoring etc

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