‘A Long And Meaningful Phone Call’

For the first time since Russia invaded its neighbor, Volodymyr Zelensky spoke to Xi Jinping. The call, described by Zelensky as "long and meaningful," came a month after Xi's lavish state visit to Moscow, where he reveled in pageantry with Vladimir Putin. Zelensky has expressed skepticism about China's sincerity when it comes to facilitating a durable ceasefire, although he's generally eschewed public criticism of Xi. In late February, just hours after Wang Yi, Xi's top diplomat, met with P

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One thought on “‘A Long And Meaningful Phone Call’

  1. I have been puzzled at how poorly Xi has handled Putin/Ukraine. The benefit of making Russia isolated from the West and dependent on China’s import orders has long since been reaped. Xi should, I think, have pivoted to a Great and Munificent Peacemaker act many months ago.

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