Dark Days

"Providing material support to Russia or assistance with any kind of systemic sanctions evasion would be a very serious concern for us," Janet Yellen said Thursday. She was referring to US concerns that China is engaged in a backdoor effort to supply Vladimir Putin with key technology that can be employed (and deployed) in Ukraine. Yellen spoke from India, where she attended a G-20 event in Bengaluru, the country's tech hub. Although the meetings were convened to discuss a variety of key econo

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9 thoughts on “Dark Days

    1. Because as Treasury Secretary, she’s responsible for crafting and implementing the sanctions regime. Where do you think these sanctions emanate from? The Pentagon? They’re Treasury sanctions. She is the sanctions regime.

  1. I am all for stopping Putin, however, the current approach of the US/western world is not working. Explaining the logic of our position to India, China etc. isn’t giving us the results we want. Time to change tactics or we risk becoming extremely vulnerable on a global basis.

    1. This is an odd remark coming from someone with a long history of leaving very hawkish comments vis-à-vis China on this website.

      There’s not going to be any “explaining” the Western position to Xi Jinping, because he’s a staunch ally of Moscow’s and would prefer it if the world were run by autocrats like himself and Putin. Additionally, and whether anyone wants to admit it or not, Modi is an autocratic demagogue. Do you know anything about him? If not, I actually don’t encourage you to read about the riots he oversaw when he was a local political boss, because that story will make you physically ill, and it will forever change the way you think about India.

      Your comment is akin to suggesting that the problem Progressives have in convincing folks like yourself that inequality is real and that tuition for college should be free in America, is that they (Progressives) just aren’t “explaining” the “logic” well enough.

      That isn’t the problem. The problem in both cases above is that the ideological divide isn’t bridgeable — not by “logic” or by anything else.

    2. Would you have suggestions?

      I believe India and China see our logic just fine; they just don’t care. China is clearly stating it’d like to conquer territories it considers his by divine right. India may or may not want to do that (Cashmere or even Pakistan? IDK enough about their geopolitical ambitions) but certainly finds Russia’s economic and military ties hard to jettison

  2. All this behind-the-scenes may be helping Russia avoid Western sanctions, but it also provides/confirms nice intel on who owes what to whom. When a nation has to expose its real intentions to the world and the short-news cycle is watching, the starting lineup is much more obvious.

    H. Thanks for the link to the OEC. Very interesting, though 26k for the full monte is a bit pricey.

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