Like March 2020. But Without A Backstop

Like March 2020. But Without A Backstop

Markets can look forward to incessant Fed banter in the new week. And I do mean incessant. On deck, in order of appearance, are Collins, Bostic, Logan, Mester, Evans, Evans again, Powell, Bullard, Daly, Bostic again, Bullard again, Powell again, a Bowman sighting, Evans a third time, Bullard a third time, Mester again, Daly again, Brainard, Bowman a second time (which is like finding a four-leaf clover), Barkin and Williams. Suffice to say the Fed isn't interested in saying less. Instead, they
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2 thoughts on “Like March 2020. But Without A Backstop

  1. “there’s no reason to believe Fed officials will do anything other than double, triple and quadruple down on their single-minded pursuit of lower inflation.”? Unless perhaps they read and agree with Apocalypse Soon? …and don’t want to see anything really break? I’m far from confident in that, but have to consider the idea that they might sacrifice a little (perceived) credibility to avoid having still another catastrophe on Powell’s resume, while keeping alive admittedly faint hope for a soft landing

  2. I have some questions. Do Powell and other Fed officials understand modern market structure? .Do they think they can continue with their jawboning, etc. to take market indexes (i.e., additional tightening) to a predetermined level and then reverse on a dime for a soft landing? Markets generally overshoot and the economy will suffer for it. Maybe, they’ve learned a few things over the last 40 years and they’ll do a better job this time.

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