Runaway Inflation In Europe: Does The ECB Even Matter?

Runaway Inflation In Europe: Does The ECB Even Matter?

In addition to a cacophony of policymaker soundbites, traders will be compelled to grapple with what could be a double-digit inflation print out of Europe this week. The flash estimate for price growth in September is due Friday and although consensus expects 9.6% from the headline, a handful of estimates suggest CPI may have reached (or exceeded) 10% this month. Whatever the actual number is, it'll doubtlessly underscore the urgency of the situation, as will country-level data due prior to th
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3 thoughts on “Runaway Inflation In Europe: Does The ECB Even Matter?

  1. Like H_ said it well. Central bank is one force that can influence inflation, but not really control it.
    Central bank can only control money, which is really just demand. In a supply constrained world, their only hope is demand destruction to bring price into balance. When debt is expensive enough, debt and hence money will be destroyed.

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