Chinese Stocks Now Deaf To Party Promises

Chinese Stocks Now Deaf To Party Promises

It wasn't so long ago -- two months, actually -- that policymakers in Beijing retained the capacity to engineer monumental equity gains simply by promising to stop engineering monumental equity losses. On March 17, Hong Kong shares completed one their largest two-day rallies in recent memory following news of a Financial Stability and Development Committee meeting chaired by Vice Premier Liu He, who, among other things, "urged enhanced communication and coordination" between regulators on the M
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4 thoughts on “Chinese Stocks Now Deaf To Party Promises

  1. A tarriff cut would help lower inflation in the US and increase consumer well-being in the US. Politics plus global strategy towards China may get in the way, but from an economic standpoint it would help- basically a reduction of an inefficient tax on US consumers. Most observers believe and I agree that the incidence of the tax largely falls on US consumers not Chinese producers (due to not many good alternatives for a lot of products).

  2. That’s a great suggestion. Timing would be good. It’s not a huge gesture but could get attention in the media. I hope Biden’s team picks up on the idea.

    1. Thank you RIA! I’ve been biting my tongue for months to keep from saying that the tRump trade war tariffs on Chineseium are nothing more than a stealth tax and IEDs that he left for his replacement. Instead of bringing back jobs that no one wants, importers are happy to simply raise prices and blame Biden for inflation. See page 427 of the Karl Rove playbook.

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