Stocks Are ‘Slow-Moving Car Wreck’ As Hard Landing Looms

Stocks Are ‘Slow-Moving Car Wreck’ As Hard Landing Looms

Another disorganized session on Wall Street left investors searching for answers. Often enough, it feels like we don't know what questions to ask anymore. If the question is "Will there be a soft landing?", the answer is "probably not." The market seems to realize that, although rates are so chaotic it's impossible to make definitive statements. "We remain squarely in the flatten to reinversion camp as safe haven assets continue to rally," BMO's Ian Lyngen and Ben Jeffery wrote Thursday. "Apri
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One thought on “Stocks Are ‘Slow-Moving Car Wreck’ As Hard Landing Looms

  1. A potential spillover I’m curious about is how financial conditions are impacted by crashes in crypto.

    Given some people report losing their life’s savings, demand for credit, bankruptcies, mortgage defaults could spike, no?

    The financial conditions index the Fed uses as a reference only takes equities and savings into account, not large crypto holdings.

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