The Metaphysics Of Stupidity (Asbestos Is Our Future)

At the town’s entrance, drivers are greeted by what looks like a béton-brut installation in place of a welcoming billboard -- a concrete structure, suggestive of a stylized arrow pointing downwards, with a coat of arms, representing asbestos fibers through a ring of fire at the top, and the text, below, broken in two lines: Asbest, my town and my fate! It is not clear if this was supposed to be ironic or not, but it certainly has an ominous vibe and strong overtones of dark humor. There are

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2 thoughts on “The Metaphysics Of Stupidity (Asbestos Is Our Future)

  1. My biggest concern, among many big concerns, is the action against self interest, as noted in the pandemic, horrific presidency, and the all or nothing contempt of compromise. The blame shifting hatred is extremely upsetting especially as I am the son of a holocaust survivor. Nothing appears to be too extreme or unconscionable.

    I attribute this decline in civil discourse to both the IQ curve but also the lowest common denominator education system that has evolved in the country. The political correctness of everyone is a winner and godforbid that anyone feels bad about themselves is an insult to education. Maybe my experience was unique or recollection flawed, but education used to be competitive and aimed to differentiate and lead to different career paths. Learning a trade not requiring college was an honorable path. Not so now apparently.

    I try not to be pessimistic about the future but it is hard.

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