China’s Export Machine Shows ‘No Signs Of Slowing’

China’s Export Machine Shows ‘No Signs Of Slowing’

China's economy may be beset with difficulties, but trade remains robust. Exports and imports both notched new records in November, data out Tuesday showed, suggesting external demand is voracious and domestic demand resilient, despite myriad headwinds. Shipments rose 22% YoY last month in dollar terms, easily ahead of the 20.3% consensus (figure below). It marked the 14th consecutive month of double-digit growth. Imports printed a huge upside surprise. The 31.7% increase was 10ppt ahead of
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One thought on “China’s Export Machine Shows ‘No Signs Of Slowing’

  1. No way for a mere mortal to correctly guess the barrage of the information feed, let alone the markets’ reactions.

    When all is said and done, it is hard for me not to think the US economy won’t be chugging along by Q2 2022.

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