Stock Allocations Breach Dot-Com Bubble Highs

Stock Allocations Breach Dot-Com Bubble Highs

Overall equity allocations are at a record high. That probably won't surprise anyone. After all, where else would you put your money? Remember, there's no conspiracy afoot, or at least not if "conspiracy" is supposed to denote something clandestine. Critics of post-GFC monetary policy habitually imply the existence of a secret plan, but as I often joke, if this was supposed to be some kind of a closely-held secret that only central bankers knew about, Ben Bernanke is the worst co-conspirator i
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One thought on “Stock Allocations Breach Dot-Com Bubble Highs

  1. You didn’t put a comment section on the “Girl with the Black Lab” so I wanted to say that your Saturday night special columns are always interesting and insightful. Serendipity has played a huge role in my life (hence my nom de plume for your column) and from my perspective it should never be underrated. A reread of “Connections” by James Burke shows rather forcefully that society would not be where it is today were it not for serendipitous inflections.

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