Xi’s ‘Profound Revolution’ Renders Market Calls Worthless

Xi’s ‘Profound Revolution’ Renders Market Calls Worthless

As it turns out, Xi Jinping's sweeping regulatory blitz (which, if you date to Jack Ma's criticism of global regulators and the subsequent icing of Ant Group's IPO just days later, is approaching its one-year anniversary) is a "profound revolution." That's according to a WeChat blogger who, writing under the name "Li Guangman: Ice Point Commentary," penned a lengthy recap of Xi's efforts this week. In what was described by some Western media outlets as an "unusual" move, it was subsequently rep
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One thought on “Xi’s ‘Profound Revolution’ Renders Market Calls Worthless

  1. In a way, I’m happy.

    I’m on record elsewhere for arguing fascism can work (see Portugal and Spain where fascist regimes survived/thrived for decades and Italy would have too if Mussolini hadn’t chosen Hitler’s side in WWII) but, at least as far as past experience shows, they have to exchange a freezing of the social status quo for a dynamic economy.

    And without a dynamic economy, you have a hard time maintaining a cutting edge military-industrial complex.

    The next few years are still going to be extremely dangerous for Taiwan but, should we go through these 5 to 10 years without a war, odds are China will be falling behind technologically (assuming Xi is indeed successful in re-imposing some kind of top down control of every aspect of life under the CCP).

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