Cotton Candy Skies (Virtually)

Cotton Candy Skies (Virtually)

The marquee event in the new week is obviously Jackson Hole. It'll be hosted virtually (again) due to "elevated COVID-19 health risk in Teton County." Esther George said she's "disappointed that health conditions will prevent us from being able to gather in person at the Jackson Lake Lodge," but noted that guest safety and that of the community takes precedence. Precedence over pictures of policymakers meandering about, framed by majestic mountains ascending into cotton candy skies. Oh, how we
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2 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Skies (Virtually)

  1. Live Stream!? Cool
    This will give me a chance to test the new StarLink connection.
    Even though the actual content will just be a financial fantasy show.

  2. Wall street analyst groups continue to overestimate their ability to model the virus’ effect on the economy. The virus is a lot more unpredictable than most folks think. We are now heading towards some sort of booster shot and much of the world still is not vaccinated. We are all connected in this. A realistic assessment might be something like – we are optimistic in the medium term, but realize that the recovery is not likely to be linear. That is my take, but unlike wall street analysts my confidence level in this forecast is low.

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