Happy Black Monday

Happy Black Monday

Somebody will call it "Black Monday." And I imagine the producers at CNBC availed themselves of the opportunity to roll out that dramatic-looking "market sell-off" vector graphic. The one with the zombie bear. Ultimately, though, it was hard to get too bent out of shape, even as the Dow careened nearly 1,000 points lower into the US afternoon. After all, equities could afford to give some back. From the panic lows in March of 2020 to the record highs hit just days ago, stocks essentially doubl
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6 thoughts on “Happy Black Monday

  1. To the extent that the lack o vaccination is actually effecting sacred capitalism affects bleeding brain conservatives rationalization of self defeating self centeredness; happy black monday!

  2. I am in the camp that thinks the “bond market” is telling us very little.
    JPM, alone, has about $3.5T AUM. If JPM and 2-3 other whales want to rock the boat back and forth a few times/year in order to beat SPY- so be it.
    Not going to get my shares as liquidity rolls between equities and bonds.
    My “sugar daddy” is the Fed.

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