Bonds And Our Never-Ending Global Health Crisis

Bonds And Our Never-Ending Global Health Crisis

Market participants inundated with data and ostensibly meaningful policy banter will get a bit of a breather in the new week. The data docket stateside is sparse. Housing numbers and claims are the only notables on a lonely-looking calendar, although preliminary PMIs from IHS Markit (Friday) may provide some scope for editorializing. There's a 20-year sale on Wednesday. "I don’t know what the next catalyst will be," TD's Priya Misra said, in fatalistic-sounding remarks to Bloomberg for a pie
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10 thoughts on “Bonds And Our Never-Ending Global Health Crisis

  1. I do not know what H policy is on frank speech. Let me find out. The post I really want to post is:

    “Frankly, in the US, for adults with no specific counterindications, at this point, if they refuse to get vaccinated, they should be left to their own devices if they ever do get COVID.

    I’m not an American taxpayer but I’d say the same about French anti-COVID vaxxers – “why is my tax dollars/EUR being wasted on keeping someone like you alive? The only public thing you should get is a Darwin Award”.

    Would TWTR or FB allow me to say that publicly?

    1. Because France has many mandatory vaccines for children, I naively thought we’d have less problems convincing people to get vaccinated here. And, to a degree, in traditional fashion, as soon as it became obvious in March/April/May that vaccines would have to be rationed, quite a few people stop being hesitant and got angry they couldn’t get vaccinated… :rolleyes.

      But we still have our share of nutcases.

      1. There is a precident. Tobacco smokers and chewers have long been subject to similar sanctions via life insurance rates. Even some health insurance coverage. Heavy drinkers were effectively prohibited from receiving liver transplants.

        So from private sector/profit-driven actors, not just the “nanny state”. In fact, rightwingers have defended such economic discrimination in the name of individual choice and self-determination. As in “why should I have to pay for other people’s stupid choices?”

        Perhaps some sort of “heavy user” fees might be acceptable across the political spectrum.

        But…. I am speaking of the old libertarian wing of the GOP. The current “base” sees things much differently.

        In Maine, the populist right-wing ex-governor Paul LePage suggested banning smokers from receiving any Medicaid payments. He quickly withdrew that proposal due to opposition from his base. He learned that the rules would have harmed many of his most ardent supporters in rural Maine.

        1. The LePage story was an early indication of what was to come. After all, he renamed Medicaid “medical welfare” when he mumbled the proposal. Red meat for the old GOP base. Not any more!

        2. Yes.

          I mean, the idea that a COVID passport would be an infringement of privacy rights in a country (again, talking about France here) where we have a national ID card (and passports too) is bonkers.

          These people will use any ol’ argument just because anything plays better than “I don’t want to, nananana” while stomping your feet and putting your hands over your ears…

  2. Yeah I like the idea of anti-vaxxers on their own no federal government help with the hospital bills for anti-vaxxers. Since most of the anti-vaxxors are Republicans who prefer to the stick over the carrot for our citizens. It would simply be a little sweet Justice for them to get the stick they so ardently sport.

  3. Employers must step up and require employees to take a vaccination. Recently heard the Medical University of South Carolina required all employees to be vaccinated. 6 or 7 quit out of 1,700. I changed medical doctor because they were not requiring it. Asked the nurse wearing a mask why she did not take the vaccination, she replied it was personal, I left the office. There are some islands of hope in this Trump stronghold.

  4. I think that folks that don’t want shots should be allowed to not get them. But they should not be allowed to frequent most public places without proof of a negative covid test. Want to refuse a vaccine. Fine, but you don’t then have a right to infect folks in public places. Wanna bet most of these folks would get a vaccine then- no football/baseball games, no going to bars and restaurants, no more nascar races or monster truck rallies in person for you!

  5. Mark Zuckerberg, for all his genius, still exhibits the mentality of a child at times. And I don’t mean that derisively. I mean it literally. It’s never been obvious, to me anyway, that he understands (let alone takes seriously) the concept of personal responsibility….. It is pretty much accepted that Mr. Zuckerberg is on the autism spectrum. Many of these types are extremely bright and capable but they have their limitations…..

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