Income, Religion, Politics: US Vaccine Demand Explained

Income, Religion, Politics: US Vaccine Demand Explained

"US states with older populations, higher incomes, lower religion shares, and higher Democratic vote shares have higher demand," Goldman wrote, in a new note dedicated to the implications of COVID vaccine hesitancy for economic forecasting. That brief quote captures quite a bit in just a few words. And it probably stirred up an emotional response in many readers. I've addressed vaccine hesitancy in these pages on too many occasions to count since it became clear last year that the world was ab
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7 thoughts on “Income, Religion, Politics: US Vaccine Demand Explained

  1. Under the circumstances, and given the data on display here, it would seem difficult to accept the idea that all the people without masks in my grocery store and my local Walmart are, in fact, vaccinated. As of this week MO has received 1.5mil doses than it has used (and an extra 800k or so in neighboring KS).

  2. It’s possible that the RFID nano chips in the vaccine are now airborne and thus spreading with new variants, but what’s confusing is why so little research is out there regarding how many chips are still able to pass through the h1n1 filters. Unreal!

    It’s also confusing as to what Goldman means by demand, like demand for what?

    I appreciate you for reminding me about how the light killed the viruses!!!

  3. I’m sure someone has done the calcs: what % of US economic output, consumer spending, or other metric of choice is represented by high vaccine demand regions vs low vaccine demand regions?

    We could eventually get to a point where, from an economic perspective, the remaining unvaccinated population becomes less and less economically meaningful.

    Yes, a callous way to look at it. But we’re investors, not social workers.

  4. Having just finished ‘Jesus and John Wayne’ this basically lines up with exactly what you would expect with the “Evangelical” cult. Toss out scripture, toss out science and focus solely on authoritarian patriarchal power structures. It’s seems like one big facist death cult because that is exactly what it is. Until Trump tells them God gave him the vaccine to save them from a Chinese biological attack they aren’t getting it.

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