Give Up. You Can’t Prevent Market Manias

Give Up. You Can’t Prevent Market Manias

If you read any decent history of speculative manias ("bubbles," as it were), you'll discover that belabored efforts to develop frameworks or metrics for assessing the level of "froth" in a given market are, at best, superfluous -- analysis for the sake of it. There are obvious parallels between almost all such historical episodes and while it's nice to have a "guide" while reliving them, factual accounts interspersed with anecdotes and contemporaneous media clippings (where available) more tha
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6 thoughts on “Give Up. You Can’t Prevent Market Manias

  1. This probably isn’t related, but the post reminded me of the ‘curb your dog’ signs you see in some big cities. Ever try to ‘curb your dog’. A dog does its business where the smell is right and, from what I know, dogs can’t read.

  2. “Give Up. You Can’t Prevent Market Manias.”

    I agree – you can only prevent yourself from getting sucked up into them…

    …probably also helps to be over 35 years of age…

      1. ….Or, maybe you just have not met the right dog …yet.

        Thanks again for all your posts- educational. Intellectual and entertaining. With the bonus of really good writing!!

  3. There is so much cash sloshing around that banks are waving off deposits and pointing hundreds of $B’s to overnight at Camp Fed. No wonder manias are proliferating. Hopefully the mania-cs will quickly rotate from mania to mania, rather than inflate any one mania to systemically dangerous size. Housing in 2008, NASDAQ in 2000 – those were stability-threatening manias. AMC, TSLA or ARKK in 2021, not so much. It’s nice to see – I think we’re seeing – the broad indicies slowing and flattening. The cryptos, well, I suspect “the system” is preparing the needles for those particular balloons.

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