Slow Motion, Flow Motion

Slow Motion, Flow Motion

US equities managed a weekly (and monthly) gain as Americans looked forward to a long holiday weekend. The S&P snapped a two-week losing streak and traded near record highs as market participants largely shrugged off the hottest core CPI print since 1992. Inflation concerns are evident among consumers, and monthly gains on key price gauges show it's not all base effects. But the Fed's nods to normalization remain confined to preliminary taper talk, and "transitory" is still officials' favo
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2 thoughts on “Slow Motion, Flow Motion

  1. Three weeks past my second Moderna vaccine, I got on a plane this morning and flew to the Florida panhandle to visit my son. I have not been out much in the past 15 months and today has been shocking. Maybe this is just Florida- but I did not see any masks and the bars and restaurants were packed. The airports were busy- although not at pre-covid levels. Seems like this summer, money will be spent on services, not stuff.

  2. With all the trained psychologists, economists and Nobel laureates out there it seems no one understands the consumer. Makes it hard to manage supply/demand curves.

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