The Situation, The Matter And Reputation Repairmen

The Situation, The Matter And Reputation Repairmen

"[Our] underlying business results were offset by the significant charge in respect of the US-based hedge fund matter in Q1," Credit Suisse said Thursday, in the course of announcing earnings and, notably, a $2 billion capital raise. As tipped weeks ago, the Archegos implosion cost the bank CHF4.4 billion. Including that hit, Credit Suisse's Q1 pre-tax loss was CHF757 million. Thomas Gottstein again called Archegos "unacceptable," and reiterated the ongoing "steps" the bank is taking "to addres
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  1. Haha, only here I can get great analysis wrapped in references to ill fated films. There are many reasons why U Turn is largely forgotten, might well be Oliver Stone’s worst child, and although he has directed many gems he has also created atrocities like The Hand, at least back then (1981) he could blame lack of experience, nothing can explain or justify U Turn.

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