A ‘Formidable Institution’

A ‘Formidable Institution’

Credit Suisse grabbed headlines again Tuesday, as the bank is poised to take a $4.7 billion hit on the Archegos debacle. That was higher than initial estimates, although by the time the bank made it official, speculation had reached $5 billion, so it wasn't really a "surprise." "While our financial results are still subject to detailed finalization and review, we would expect to report a pre-tax loss for Q1 2021 of approximately CHF 900 million," the bank said, in a statement, adding that the A
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  1. As a retail investor I played around with regional and local banks during the great recession and had a system that made pretty good money until it didn’t but the one thing I learned is that there is no way a retail investor like myself can know the quality of a bank’s assets and these banks held a lot of crap. Other than a couple Canadian banks, I don’t mess with banks anymore no matter how good they look on the outside.

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