The Word Is ‘Inflation.’ With A ‘K’

The Word Is ‘Inflation.’ With A ‘K’

"Expectations about home, gas, and rent price changes all reached new series highs," the New York Fed said Monday, in the color accompanying the March edition of their consumer survey. Over both the one- and three-year horizons, median inflation expectations rose to the highest since 2014 last month, the data showed. The upward push is uninterrupted. The ascent to seven-year highs comes on the back of five consecutive monthly increases (figure below). Base effects are poised to start workin
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6 thoughts on “The Word Is ‘Inflation.’ With A ‘K’

  1. Oh, jeez, yet another division in our society base on education level…”inflation” will be a contender now for inclusion in prologues in revised editions of Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart” and Case and Deaton’s “Deaths of Despair.” Of course, we’ll have to wait for compilation and final release of the census data.

    There are going to be some socioeconomic doozies. Hopefully, the authors of the titles keep the software licenses current on their charting software…so they can revise the y-axis on every chart.

    1. I have nothing better to do with my time than to help authors who I will never meet. So, I thought I’d go out and help Murray, Case and Deaton, find another topic to consider including in the prologues of their respective, revised editions. To them, who, I hope, are subscribers to the H Report, I kindly submit the rate of maternal deaths per 100,000 live births (U.S. and other high- and a few, select middle-income countries) as topic for inclusion.

  2. I hope that this breakdown of the data by economic subgroup is something that generates enough attention in the media to warrant further tracking/discussion over the coming months/years.

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