Jamie Dimon Delivers 67-Page Prescriptive Manifesto For America

Jamie Dimon Delivers 67-Page Prescriptive Manifesto For America

"While I have a deep and abiding faith in the United States of America and its extraordinary resiliency and capabilities, we do not have a divine right to success," Jamie Dimon wrote, in his longest letter yet as CEO. The financial universe was “disappointed” last month in Warren Buffett’s purportedly “tone deaf” annual letter, which the media mercilessly criticized for being devoid of insight into the human suffering caused by the pandemic. Market participants also decried Buffett
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3 thoughts on “Jamie Dimon Delivers 67-Page Prescriptive Manifesto For America

  1. I think the statement on helping the poor the young the people who can make a difference in our country:s productivity is welcome and long overdue. However that statement runs counter to his call for more QE or as I call it socialism for the already wealthy. The first stated tenant is within the thesis of Jesus Christ, the policy prescription of more QV is antithetical to Jesus Christ. It is possible that if big business were to deepen their opposition to McConnell’s call for subservience, did it may Force the Republican party to abandon their Antichrist stance for one that is consistent with Jesus Christ. Of course this would abandon the trumpsters from the dumpster.

    But this sort of public discourse can lead to nothing but good for our country. As it is squarely taking on the debates that we need to have with a logical and a well thought out framework, even if there are some self-serving elements. We can hope is that more people bring out more philosophical discussions. So I challenge you Walt why would you not read a philosophical book by Jamie dimon? Written philosophy can be parsed examined and the gems exposed elevated. I for one believe the dumbest person in the United States has something to offer us, I would not put Jamie in the category of the dumbass so I’d say he’s got maybe three somethings to offer us.

  2. A decade or two, or three, late.

    This is obviously wishful thinking on my part…I hope Mr. Dimon has been having these conversations in private with other elites for a while now. Obviously, if he has, it hasn’t changed any minds. Most assuredly because they don’t care or recognize the need for them to change.

    Too late to matter but I guess it’s better than nothing.

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