The GOP Versus Corporate America?

The GOP Versus Corporate America?

You know, it's funny. For one half of America's political duopoly, principles aren't just malleable depending on the circumstances, they're completely expendable. Deficits, debt and fiscal rectitude only matter when a Democrat is in the White House, for example. "Forgetting" about budget discipline when tax cuts and military spending are in play is standard operating procedure for Republicans. But increasingly, the GOP finds itself trampling on its own orthodoxy when it comes to the governmen
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9 thoughts on “The GOP Versus Corporate America?

  1. Investors need to wake up to the new reality. The GOP is becoming a populist party, the “party of the working man” as one Arizona GOP bigwig put it. That is important because populism is not always business-friendly.

    Alas, the “country club Republicans” are rapidly being shunted aside. Then Paul Ryan was asked to leave through the service entrance.

  2. ” parts of the private sector keep dabbling in behaving like a woke parallel government,” he said”
    Man, the nerve of that guy.
    The Senate MINORITY leader lecturing Corporate America? Really?
    Also, McConnell using the expression “woke”. ?
    TBH, this smells of desperation, seems he feels the need to adress a rapidly shrinking base by invoking some rather lame right-wing talking points.

  3. Did McConnel and compadres fail to listen in eighth grade social studies. i can vouch for the fact that in the early 80’s we were taught that demographics were a changing. The republicans had every opportunity to prepare for the eventuality but they failed to earn hearts and minds outside of their traditional haunts. It finally cost them. So now they seek a pathway that leaves tread marks over basic ethics. Do they even remember merit anymore, or was that also tossed aside with stoicism and select science. The populist jog and pony show IS an act of dank desperation in my opinion jamaican.

  4. Fascism is the only viable path forward for the modern day GOP. They’re well on their way. And why not? Fascism is very attractive to a lot of constituents.

  5. The same man that did not know how to confront a Virus March 11, 2020 had his other moment December6,2020
    Fascism is fear personified and needs a face that pretends to be a warrior. Thusly we have averted Crony Capitalism and the markets do understand this.
    Rule of Law, not Law of a Ruler is what makes America Great.

  6. so true.
    TB, agreed, there was ample time to see the demographic change coming.
    What I will never understand, though, is the fact that there are and were a lot of nominally intelligent people (yes, even if their fraction is currently shrinking ;-)) in the Republican Party, who were unable or unwilling to draw the right conclusions.

  7. Lately, listening to the GOP cronies, has made me understand that these bully boys must have grown up without mommies who normally impart their children with nuggets of wisdom like: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” or “Keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground,” you know, smart stuff like that.

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