Feast, Famine And The Fed

Feast, Famine And The Fed

Time and again over the past several months, I've pointed to what could end up being one of the greatest ironies of the Fed's tweaked mandate aimed at engineering a more inclusive labor market and fostering a more egalitarian version of American capitalism. And, no, I don't mean the fact that post-financial crisis Fed policy served to widen the very same wealth gap policymakers are now intent on closing, although that's pretty ironic too, especially with Janet Yellen at Treasury. Rather, I mea
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5 thoughts on “Feast, Famine And The Fed

  1. Pinning my hopes on younger generations, who can provide the intelligent and thoughtful leadership to articulate the goal of where the US/world needs to be – and how we get there.
    Hopefully, without excessive waste and idleness.

  2. So, what is the solution? Or, what framework is the solution “posited” in? I grapple with this every day. I was a commodities derivative trader in the ‘90’s. I know what Wall Street can wrought. I say this as an ex desk trader. One very much concerned with the world my grandchildren will inherit (my kids are a lost cause). I can tell you, point blank, that if trading desks establish “food” prices, we are screwed.

  3. While you can lock oil or gold up in storage for thousands of years and still have oil or gold the same can’t be said for most foodstuffs. Granted McDonald’s hamburger buns and some grains might do ok but taking delivery of strawberries or even cattle puts you on the clock…

    1. Does it though? You just turn the strawberries into freeze dried and the cattle into frozen or aged meat slabs. Plenty of ways to own food for much longer if you have the right intermediaries available.

    2. My first MDC burger cost $0.15, with the fries and the Coke at $0.10 each. Today that meal costs nearly $4. And “… if trading desks establish “food” prices, we are screwed.” Who then, government?” Oh my!

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