Panic Goes Missing In Archegos Flameout. Fed, Alcoholics Blamed

Monday was supposed to be the day when the purportedly systemic nature of Tiger Cub Bill Hwang's epic blow-up manifested in an equally dramatic broad-based equity rout. After all, such a breathtaking flameout surely deserved some follow-through. By Sunday evening, headlines claiming traders were "glued to their screens" garnered countless clicks across financial portals. The media promised a "volatile open." Alas, it wasn't to be. Sure, there were some fireworks, notably in shares of Nomura an

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One thought on “Panic Goes Missing In Archegos Flameout. Fed, Alcoholics Blamed

  1. As a retired trader, my first thought last Friday was “where does the real problem lie”?. As Dennis Gartman always said: there never is just one Cockroach. If this was an “outlier”, where is the real problem stuff warehoused?

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