Biden Leaves Little To Analyze As Methodical Mr. Fix-It

Just hours after CDC Director Rochelle Walensky nearly broke down in tears while imploring Americans to stay vigilant during what administration officials have sought to describe as the home stretch in the fight against COVID, Joe Biden warned that the war against the virus is "far from won." Setbacks are possible, he said, speaking at the White House and warning the country against the temptation to let down its guard. Frankly, it's not clear to me what's so onerous about wearing a mask to t

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5 thoughts on “Biden Leaves Little To Analyze As Methodical Mr. Fix-It

  1. I chose a lifestyle defined by “social distancing” a half-decade ago


    I know what you mean. I saw that picture you posted of that alligator, (or croc) not far from your house.

    Where I live, I’m all the time kicking young alligators off of my back porch, and they turn around and hiss at me as they’re scurrying off into the bushes.

    When the big ones invade my pond, they eat up all the fish and I have to get the shotgun out and pepper them with grains of rock salt to run them off.

    Every year on Halloween, human beings will appear at our front door and we’re so happy to see humans we always invite them to come in the house.

  2. Biden has proven the skeptics wrong so far. Instead of bombast, grand ideologies or soaring rhetoric we get competent governance and the people’s work gets done. It is a welcome change. Maybe the 4th estate needs to reexamine their coverage of politicians. Many of the reporters covering the primary campaign were in their 20s to early 40s and vastly underestimated Biden due to his age. A bad error.

  3. Life is mostly boring, good boring and bad boring, with Hoopla and drama. A good job is good boring,etc.
    Drama sucks, is exhausting, especially self-inflicted drama. The press are drama queens, Biden is their bad boring.
    For markets Good Boring.
    After the drama of Covid passes,perhaps Biden gets some credit for the work and the Hoopla Summer 2021.

  4. 24/7 media has an addiction to drama, trouble, aggression, murder and mayhem. They are not used to nor geared to reporting on calm seas and a steady helm because they fear their advertisement watching viewers won’t turn in. They only cover the Royals when one steps in dodo. We humans love the high drama and will continue watching WWF, soaps and televangelists until our species goes extinct.

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