The prospect of "significant losses" tied to soured positions at the heart of a margin call on Tiger Cub Bill Hwang pressured shares of Nomura and Credit Suisse Monday. In a brief "trading update," Credit Suisse appeared to suggest the unwind may have further to go. "A significant US-based hedge fund defaulted on margin calls made last week by Credit Suisse and certain other banks," the update said, adding that, Following the failure of the fund to meet these margin commitments, Credit Suisse
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  1. As I read the above, Hwang was only levered 5-10 turns. That seems pretty standard for the shadow financial system in the 21st century. Gould it be the counterparties to the swaps were trying to protect themselves against aggressive moves by the CCP to rein in tech? And might there be similar landmines out there?

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