‘Argh Chaos!’ And The Biggest Margin Call Of All Time

"This is a challenging time for Archegos Capital Management, our partners and employees," Karen Kessler, a spokeswoman for Bill Hwang's family office said, in an emailed statement to the media late Monday. Kessler is CEO of Evergreen Partners, which specializes in PR, crisis and strategic communications. "Karen is the region’s most sought after crisis and reputation management consultant, having counseled corporations, public institutions and high profile individuals facing allegations of leg

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4 thoughts on “‘Argh Chaos!’ And The Biggest Margin Call Of All Time

  1. It is good, not bad, for over-leveraged, over-concentrated, over-risked hedge funds to blow themselves up. Just like it is good, not bad, for YOLO meme traders to lose their life savings. And it will be good, not bad, when the ARK complex blows up.

    When people do reckless things, the market’s harsh discipline is salutary and welcome.

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