Bon(d)fire And The Great Wage Debate

US markets calmed down a bit Friday as gloved traders and investors sifted through the smoldering ashes of Thursday's bon(d)fire. The situation remained far from resolved, though. Yields fell stateside, and the curve bull flattened, but there was a palpable sense of lingering angst. Bonds have become a source of risk and volatility, imperiling multi-asset portfolios and raising uncomfortable questions about central banks' capacity to tamp down yields without explicitly declaring price discover

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2 thoughts on “Bon(d)fire And The Great Wage Debate

  1. Even though I do not agree with many of AOC’s positions, I really think our country would be very well served and lucky to have more young, smart, well-spoken and charismatic leaders- such as AOC.
    The future of our country depends on them.

  2. AOC is hitting the nail on the head about people who “held this country together” in fact they deserve retro hazardous duty pay and long term health benefits. They routinely encountered the enemies individual disease deployment units (IDDU)s in maga hats in close quarters.

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