In Bond Tantrum, Markets Argue For Their Own Extinction

"So much of the rally in equities was built on easy money," Bloomberg's Eddie van der Walt wrote Friday. "Higher rates could be a real spanner in the works." That pretty much summed things up as equities looked to fight back after being staggered Thursday by a brutal bond rout weeks in the making. Thursday felt like the culmination, and the hope is that rates will calm down, allowing stocks to stabilize. Asian shares were bludgeoned Friday. Most regional benchmarks posted steep declines, with

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2 thoughts on “In Bond Tantrum, Markets Argue For Their Own Extinction

  1. I’m surprised someone would try to make a living shorting bonds. I see that as picking up berries that grow in between train tracks, with a blindfold on, while Powell screams that a train is coming when few berries remain.

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