Critical Systems

Critical Systems

Some of the Fed's critical systems went down on Wednesday. But not the ones that buy stocks. They were fully operational. I'm just kidding. I mean, not about the outages. There were outages. Specifically, in the Fed's interbank payments systems. FedACH had problems, which isn't great. There was an "operational error," according to a spokesman for the Richmond Fed. No foul play was initially suspected. It wasn't Colonel Mustard in the library with a candlestick. And it wasn't Ivan Drago in t
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3 thoughts on “Critical Systems

  1. I do not even get it.

    Choice 1- lock in ( maybe) 1.5% for 30 years
    Choice 2- buy blue chip dividend stocks and hold for 30 years
    Seems so obvious, it makes me think I am really missing something.

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