Price Pressures Abound

Price Pressures Abound

Although one imagines next month's survey will be more "interesting" given that it will presumably contain some anecdotes about the deep-freeze and associated effects on businesses, the Dallas Fed was officially a beat for February. The headline gauge printed 17.2 versus expectations for 5.0. The range from the handful of economists who ventured a guess was -20 to 10. Regional Fed surveys don't make for the most exciting reading, and this is no exception. However, the market is looking for sig
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4 thoughts on “Price Pressures Abound

  1. If the cause is supply disruptions, then the question is are these supply disruptions expected to be enduring. If not you have transitory price pressure, not ongoing inflation.

  2. It will be to many dollars chasing a limited number of goods and services that wil lite the fuse for inflation. The dollars will come from the proposed 1.9 trillion stimulus package. Get ready. The Fed is behind the curve.

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