It Is What It Is, Apparently

It Is What It Is, Apparently

Equities were "broadly neutral" with the rally "on hold," one headline read early Thursday. Implicit is the notion that stocks will probably keep rising. They've just paused for a break, their legs dangling off a high beam like construction workers from those black and white images of yesteryear, when skyscrapers were built by men immune to vertigo and unafraid of gravity. Soon enough, we're assured, the scaffolding will extend further up through the clouds. The Lunar New Year has kicked off i
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4 thoughts on “It Is What It Is, Apparently

  1. Posts in this vein always bring me back to contemplating human nature. We may be constrained in achieving more equal distribution of wealth by something encoded in our genes. At some point we are going to need a long honest session of mirror gazing as a species before we self destruct.

    1. John. I like your comments. My daughter hates it when I say what you said at the end here and I express that such mirror gazing is not likely to take place. She wants her son to have a great and fulfilling life and thinks it would be grossly unfair if he has to grow up in a very nasty mid-century mess. Funny thing is that she also hates it when I remind her that I’ve been very lucky as an investor, I am 76, and soon she will be financially independent. She thinks that fact somehow obligates her in some unknown way she will surely hate. Kids.

  2. “Everyone complains (everyone’s a critic) but nobody seems to want to give up any of their own good fortune…”

    Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

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