McConnell’s Relent, Fast Times In Hong Kong & ‘Civic Integrity’

McConnell’s Relent, Fast Times In Hong Kong & ‘Civic Integrity’

The froth in Hong Kong came off fairly dramatically Tuesday, as the Hang Seng tumbled and Tencent dropped more than 6% after an absurd rally capped by a double-digit, single-session gain to start the week. The sour mood was at least partially attributable to signs from mainland officials that Beijing may be getting uncomfortable with speculative excess. The PBoC withdrew liquidity, a move that seemed at odds with recent media coverage suggesting no tightening would occur prior to the Lunar New
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7 thoughts on “McConnell’s Relent, Fast Times In Hong Kong & ‘Civic Integrity’

  1. The attempts to maintain power despite being handed a defeat, electorally, sure don’t look like the “unity” pipe dream Biden is chasing. Anyone who expected anything less from McConnell hasn’t been paying attention for the past 2 decades, he is the most power hungry Senator I’ve ever seen and nothing is off limits for him to to do or say to try to maintain that power.

    I just hope Biden doesn’t try to hang onto this unity thing for so long that he enables the blockage of the progress we absolutely need to make on 5 fronts. Because that will ensure the power McConnel so desperately craves will return to him very quickly.

    1. Senate Democrats have two reconciliation arrows in their quiver. Once those have taken flight, I’m hoping/guessing that Biden (and Manchin, Sinema and others) will come around to the realization that unity carries the heavy cost of inaction, and, faced with a ticking two-year clock, make the right decision.

  2. Of course Mitch the Hypocrite nuked the filibuster in order to confirm Gorsuch after the Merrick Garland travesty…now all of sudden it’s sacrosanct – Manchin will be 77 when he’s up for re election, Synema may be the key and also up for reelection in 4 years, good to see Tester throwing some shade their way … I’m still hopeful that Collins and or Murkowski will want to get some things done going forward via the reconciliation process – too bad the voters in Maine, Iowa, North Carolina, Montana maintained the senate status quo this past November. No mandate for sure, but one can hope …

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